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Anonymous asked: Hey ummm your gorgeous and you seem like a really nice person so please don't be sad, I don't just want to tell you some rubbishy cliche like "stay strong" or some rubbish but you are gorgeous and I am sure nobody wants to see anything bad happen to you so please don't do anything silly =)


You’re the silly one, thank you x

I was a complete idiot last night. An idiot for not taking more fucking pills ffs why am I here

Plucked up the courage to tell my mum I wanted to die and her reply was “Well there’s no point telling me, you should have told the therapist that seen you earlier” lol ok


i hope one day you are at peace with yourself. i hope you can take a shower without crying and you can close your eyes without thinking about your funeral. i hope one day you start singing in the shower again and are happy for no reason. i hope you get better, because you really deserve to. 

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All I’ve felt the past couple of weeks is extreme, excruciating emotional pain and I don’t even know why and I’m fucking exhausted. I’m fed up of making everyone around me feel like shit because of the mood I’m in because I honestly feel like shit all the time and no matter how hard I try I cannot make it go away. I just want to get better for other people’s sake but I’m not so maybe it’s just better if I go away completely.

I’m just going through a really hard time right now and I don’t wanna keep bringing people down but I can’t believe escape this pain no matter how hard I try

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